Handy is a company that has a platform to be able to put people in touch with cleaning professionals. This is the best way to help people find just the right professional they are looking for. Handy does not just allow anyone to create a profile to provide his or her services on the app. There is a vetting system that these professionals have to go through before being allowed to have a profile on the platform. Once they do get placed, the customers who did use a certain professional have the option to rate their service.


How to decorate your space

Handy has operations in big cities only in various places in the United States and Canada. If you are looking for help in decorating your space, there may be people available to get you on the right path. When it comes to choosing the right color schemes, there is a new way of going about it. There are people who are decorating certain spaces based on the zodiac sign of the customer to really bring out your personality and spirit. According to these designers, there are hues that match better with certain people according to the period they were born.

When it comes to Aries, it is best to go for crimson and red notes for their go-getter personality. Orange is another hot and fiery color that will motivate Aries. Taurus is an earth sign that is inspired by nature therefore going for soft green notes such as sage is a great option. It will get them to stay grounded and connect with the Earth. Mauve is another color that works well with this sign since it is soft and will create soothing environments.


Which colors work best with your zodiac sign?

Geminis prefer light and open spaces such as white and simple pops of color. This is because they are always busy and on the move therefore they prefer bare walls. The pops of color show off some personality and reflect their inner mind that tends to be very busy. Leos on the other hand prefer dramatic and warm hues such as marigold and dark purple. This is to accentuate the fact that they like the aura of castles. For the passionate Scorpios, they would like shades of maroon and hot pink. These colors represent emotional depth and intensity since they need their home to be a retreat from the world.