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Top Oakland Real Estate Agent Shares His Favorite Books He Read This Summer

Monday, July 23rd, 2018

Brad Roemer is one of Oakland’s top performing real estate agents. From humble beginnings, he has grown an incredible and sought after real estate team. Roemer is an avid reader and attributes some of his success to that. Today he shares with us some of his best picks for the summer.


A Bit Of Background


Prior to being a realtor, Roemer studied at UC Davis and got his undergraduate degree in business. Immediately following, he got his real estate license and was added to the renowned Sotheby’s team. There, he proved himself a great asset and was put in charge of twelve other real estate agents. He successfully led the group to meet their quarterly and annual sales targets five years in a row. At the same time he spent his spare time perfecting his knowledge of the Oakland market and improving his marketing and negotiation skills. Once ready, he branched out, leaving Sotheby’s to create a team of his own.


“Measure What Matters” By John Derr


This is a book that a lot of realtors should read if they can. Many realtors just work towards the next sale and the next one after that. And when they search for prospective customers, they don’t really think about how they are acquiring them…they just work with whomever appears. This an OK strategy at best. There is however a huge benefit to measuring things about your business. In the case of real estate, if I were to do a facebook campaign, it would be extremely useful to know how many people viewed it, and how many people actually contacted me and if this number increases month-to-month or if there is a decline which would mean you have to change something.

“Powerful: Building A Culture Of Freedom And Responsibility” By Patty Mccord


If you want to succeed in real estate, you need to have a great team. Not just any team. A great team that is motivated and productive. I used this book to improve my team’s cohesion and effectiveness just recently after reading it at the start of the summer. And the author is very credible. It was written by Patty, McCord, who was the Chief talent Officer at Netflix and helped create the star team that works there today.