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Taragh Bracken Agrees That Oshawa Criminal, Now Mother, Is A Threat

Thursday, July 12th, 2018

While Ontario is one of the largest provinces in Canada, it has it’s slew of unprecedented crime scenes that one would not think of from this free and diverse country. Some notorious killers have been found guilty and put into jail for decades, but one must think what happens afterwards to these murders’ children? Raised by a father or mother who would at first dot on their children with sweet love words and affirmations and then change mood’s quickly to yell and scare their children in and of itself demonstrates instability in the home.


A Female Criminal’s Children

It must not be forgotten that these children did not choose to be raised in a home led by dual murderers. Taragh Bracken, working in criminal and family law for decades, has represented an infamous female murderer in Oshawa, Ontario and found that her children were suffering for it. At the time of her prison release in 2007, she began a relationship with an estranged relative of her former lawyer. Someone who would otherwise seemingly be ostracized in society managed to find a lover, and thus decided to start a family with him.


Approximately five years later, the children of said murderer were to begin kindergarten and elementary school. They unfortunately got caught up in the rumble of their mother’s rapes, murders (one of which consisted of her own sister!) and abductions—meaning that they have not been invited to any social gatherings and have not been spoken to at school.


Children As A Redemption From Murder

When asked about how a woman who has done such cruelty could bring one of life’s greatest gifts into the world, Taragh Bracken looked placidly at the situation and explained to the press that this was a psychological mechanism that allowed the perpetrator to reinvent their life. It’s a blank slate, a gift to call yourself a mother and raise beautiful children into intellectual and astute adults.


Once a Criminal, Always a Criminal

What is most disconcerting is that the woman who will always be a cold murderer is the same mother who is attending events that other parents’ kids are at. From volleyball practice to swim meets and Mother’s Day picnics, any parent in their right mind would be worried about the implications. Thankfully, many research studies show that woman who have spent time in prison for an offence are nearly never second-time offenders. At the moment, the murderer seems to live a stable life compared to her once alter-ego of a vision. However, you can’t help but forget that once you’re a murderer, you’ll always be exactly that. No jail time can take that away.